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The unique factors that differentiate us from others in terms of business model uniqueness, benefits to our customers, offerings and branding:
Patented Business Process model with Online and Offline
Authenticated and secured profiles following KYC norms
Anybody can become a producer with minimum investment with Crowd Funding concept
Personalized profiles for every media personnel and businesses
Search, Connect, Share and Network with Media and Entertainment personnel globally View More

Global Search Engine for Media & Entertainment Eco-system

Filmfactory is first of its kind, an online portal providing one stop solutions exclusively for entire eco-system of Media & Entertainment industry.

Being irrespective of region and language, Filmfactory is global media search engine, bridging the gap between industry and aspiring media personnel like Key Creative Team including Directors / Producers/ Script Writers, Actors, Technicians, Production Houses, Models & Model houses, Media Partners, Businesses, etc to search, connect, share and network with each other for their requirements based on suitability factors like price rates, time availability and skills.

Right Media Personnel for Right Job

FilmFactory is a global media platform and a patented business process. It has been designed in such a way to fulfill the needs of the industry by integrating online and offline process. As a media professional, you can search and also collaborate with other like-minded media personnel around the world and get your requirements fulfilled. Out of many activities, few of them listed below:

 Co-Produce / Invest in any media project using Crowd Funding concept.

 Upload any scripts and Purchase / Bid for the same.

 Recommend other media personnel and Get Recommendations from the industry experts.

 Get Brand Ambassadors and Chief Guests for your planned events.

Personalized Dashboard

Key Creative Team including Directors/ Producers can manage Development, Pre-production, Production, Post-production and Distribution activities online anywhere at any time with ease of management.

Media personnel like Actors, Technicians and Models have been provided dashboards to showcase their talent/ skills to the media world and can expect good projects in their kitty being in their comfort zone.

Businesses and Partners can promote their products and services by connecting to the Media & Entertainment industry as per their requirements.

Media World At Your Door Step

Filmfactory has provided a secured personalized dashboard to every media personnel to build the profiles to showcase their skills to various media industries around the world irrespective of region and language.

There is a great opportunity to get hired by connecting socially with any media personnel and businesses sitting at your desk. To make the communication fool-proof and effective, every profile will go through a two-step authentication process before validating the profiles making them secured and eliminating non-serious ones.

Find Network in Media & Entertainment Industry