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About FilmFactory

Global Search Engine for Media & Entertainment Eco-system

Filmfactory is first of its kind, an online portal providing one stop solutions exclusively for entire eco-system of Media & Entertainment industry.

Being irrespective of region and language, Filmfactory is global media search engine, bridging the gap between industry and aspiring media personnel like Key Creative Team including Directors / Producers/ Script Writers, Actors, Technicians, Production Houses, Models & Model houses, Media Partners, Businesses, etc to search, connect, share and network with each other for their requirements based on suitability factors like price rates, time availability and skills

When you join FilmFactory, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.


Our vision is to be the numero uno search engine in Media & Entertainment industry on a global platform. Below are our responsibilities:

  • Building an opportunistic market place for media personnel to come together, collaborate and fulfill their requirements.
  • Aims to make the life of a Filmmaker absolutely hassle-free while managing the project right from hiring media professionals till distribution stage
  • Providing an opportunity for any small investor to become a co-producer in any media project

Company Information:

Founded in 31st July 2013 with Corporate Identity Number U92120AP2013PTC089269, connects the world's media and entertainment professionals to make them more productive and successful. FilmFactory is the world's largest media network on the Internet. The company has a diversified business model both online and offline. FilmFactory is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.


It was summer time during May, 2011 when my friends and I were chitchatting about a unique concept and instantly came up with a story line. Immediately approached one of my friend who himself is a director having immense experience in TV industry and shared the storyline. Everybody were excited and entire cast and crew was finalized except movie budget. In today’s world, we never thought that it will be a difficult task for us in finding the right investor for our project but for the next 6 months, we still didn’t find one. The pain was BIG but our problem was SMALL. Then we started working on this model and we named it “FilmFactory”. To our surprise, we realized that there are immense pain areas in the industry and not just finance. Every phase in project management, we found pain areas and this is not a SMALL problem that we thought earlier. We started crafting the idea and documented around 1000 pages by researching the industry and media personnel not just Film industry but TV, Music, FM Radio, Animation, Modelling, Online gaming, etc covering entire eco-system of the Media & Entertainment industry. Spent almost an year on documenting the process and patented it, can find the details at .

The next challenge was creating a fund to start working on the design and development of online model. At that moment, we approached our current investors and they instantly understood our pain and also passion to develop this model, and supported us with the funds at right time. It took us almost 3 years of hard work in building the online model incorporating various features as per current web standards. Customized dashboards were provided for every media personnel to search, connect, share and network with each other globally and fulfill their professional requirements.